Large Unit:

Since Country Manor resembles a mason-crafted wall, three units provide a variety of face dimensions to achieve a wide range of flexibility for wall layout. Country Manor units are sold by the layer with six of each shape per layer, 18 units total per layer. Country Manor is also sold by the cube, with four layers per cube.

* For large, medium and small units, divide total SFF by 8.46 to yield the average number of layers needed. 8.46 is the maximum yield per layer depending on the orientation of the units. (i.e. closed or open alignment)

For example: 55 SFF divided by 8.46 = 6.5 layers (on average)

  • 10" D, 6" H, 16"–14" W
  • Weight: 60 lbs

Medium Unit:

  • 10" D, 6" H, 12"–10" W
  • Weight: 40 lbs

Small Unit:

  • 10" D, 6" H, 6"–4" W
  • Weight: 25 lbs
Universal Cap Unit (two sides textured):

* For the Universal Cap Unit, multiply the total wall length by 1.1 to yield the average number of Cap Units needed. (On average, two cap units are needed for every 22 inches of wall length)

For example: 55 Total Wall Length x 1.1 = 60 units (on average)

  • 12" D, 3" H, 14"–8" W
  • Weight: 24 lbs
* To estimate the amount of product needed for your wall, complete the Estimating page and apply the calculations to the equation for the desired product.

The Country Manor units can be oriented in two different positions when building. For retaining walls, the open or closed positions will work. (When using the open positions, be sure to fill in the gap with drainage aggregate). For free-standing structures, use the closed alignment position.

Keystone’s Country Manor “shouldered” Pinned System features high strength fiberglass pins that provide a shear connector, securely holding geo-grid reinforcement and aligning units. Pins fit all three size units. Thirty pins are needed for each layer.

NOTE: It is best to construct the wall using the units as they are stacked on the shipping pallet. There is no pattern repeat, so work with random units. It is best to avoid stack bond, or when a vertical joint line between adjoining units continue over several courses.


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